Maciej Halber

I have graduated from Princeton University, where I was a member of the Graphics and Vision groups, working with prof. Thomas Funkhouser. Off to new adventures now!

Prior to Princeton, I was studying at University College London, where I received Master of Engineering degree, working with prof. Simon Julier and prof. Niloy Mitra.


Accelerating Large-Kernel Convolution Using Summed-Area Tables
L.Zhang, M. Halber, S. Rusinkiewicz;
Rescan: Inductive Instance Segmentation for Indoor RGBD Scans
M. Halber, Y.Shi, K. Xu, T.Funkhouser;
ICCV 2019
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Matterport3D: Learning from RGB-D Data in Indoor Environments
A. X. Chang, A. Dai, T. Funkhouser, M. Halber, M. Nießner, M. Savva, S. Song,
A. Zeng, Y. Zhang;

3DV 2017
[pdf] [webpage]
ScanNet: Richly-annotated 3D Reconstructions of Indoor Scenes
A. Dai, A. X. Chang, M. Savva, M. Halber, T. Funkhouser, M. Nießner;
CVPR 2017
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Fine-To-Coarse Global Registration of RGB-D Scans
M. Halber, T. Funkhouser;
CVPR 2017
Learning Detail Transfer based on Geometric Features
S. Berkiten, M. Halber, J. Solomon, C. Ma, H. Li, S. Rusinkiewicz;
Eurographics 2017 Best Paper Award Honorable Mention
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Blender Poradnik Praktyczny
M. Halber;
ISBN 83-246-1190-8
Enhancing Place Recognition using Joint Intensity - Depth Analysis and Synthetic Data
E. Sizikova, V. K. Singh, B. Georgescu, M. Halber, K. Ma, T. Chen;
ECCV Workshop on Virtual/Augmented Reality for Visual Artificial Intelligence (VARVAI) 2016
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IsoMatch: Creating Informative Grid Layouts
O. Fried, S. DiVerdi, M. Halber, E. Sizikova and A. Finkelstein;
Eurographics 2015
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